Welcome to my Fashion World 😊

It is with a great pleasure that I begin this new adventure, I had a fashion blog few years ago, and for professional reasons I had to stop. 

Time has passed and many things happened in the meantime, today I had the need to share my thoughts, ideas, knowledge, news from the world, trends, fashion and of course learn as well from you guys.

And why not a fashion blog ?! 

Some of my followers already know me, most don't know who I am, but I have to say I´m just a random person who loves fashion, and has worked in the industry for over a decade, so I'll tell you a little about myself before we start our journey.

I am a strong heart woman who has a deep connection with the world of fashion and art.

My passion for creativity and self-expression has been with me since I was young. At some point of my life the discovering what I wanted to do and be was a crazy and fun process ( one day I´ll write about it ) it's a funny chapter in my life...

With 26 years old I begin this beautiful journey ( by the way I´m 39 😂🙈) has a personal stylist, dressing famous international singers and actresses in Europe, traveling to the main fashion cities such as Paris, Milan, London, meeting great famous designers, etc... I think you want to know who all these celebrities are, but for private reasons I can't disclose their names and to be honest, it's not very important 😉

I had the opportunity to follow my passion by studying in London. This city gave me a new perspective on fashion and make me embrace a new way of seeing fashion. With an open mind, a bit of craziness and without fear.

This experience allowed me to fully embrace my unique style and express myself without limitations.

Now I own two fashion stores, one in Switzerland 🇨🇭 and a Pop Up in Portugal 🇵🇹 

I hope you guys can enjoy the ride on this platform and a lot of fun, just like me.

Be free for questions and ideas.

Idilza Santos